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Follow the leader

This has not been easy for Lyndsy. She has fought our food transitions the whole way. Yeah, that’s over a decade now. She sees the benefit of it after the transition and then speaks to others what we have accomplished but each step was initially received with great resistance. She trusts me but the fight is ingrained into her train of thought. An iron locomotive both of tradition and steadfast design.

We fall when I weaken. For me to lead and maintain trajectory with determination and focus takes a forever positive strength.

At times I have given Lyndsy grief in not sharing the lead to stay focussed and push through. I’ve done this in my times of trouble and this is unfair. She’s not the leader. She is so wonderful in maintaining and learning when I keep the lead. I must keep the lead and only look at myself when I slip. Looking upon another when I falter doesn’t transition me through the weakness. It only amplifies the moments where focus is diminished. It deflects from what inside me is the catalyst of discourse. To take notice and own my humility. This is where my strength rises.

Choosing to be a leader sometimes doesn’t happen through an outward choice. It often just appears in the throw of an event. If you find yourself leading and for the good in the right, own it. Maintain and flourish within the position. I am talking to myself. I am humble to know it has trials. To know I may make some poor decisions. To know that I must trust and see myself letting all my fears lie with God. I am of nothing but enlightenment and growth in this singular truth.

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