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What we ate today

Three fresh squeezed 500 ml juices with the light pulp on the side for Lyndsy and a half an orange. One 500 hand squeezed and one and a half oranges plus two 970 ml freshly squeezed juices from Sunterra market for me on the go.

Definitely an orange day but we did have a vegetable meal and made it raw. It, well, sucked. I mean it was food and not horrible but not warming or powerful. I minced cauliflower in the blender with an avocado and some spices. Tasted well enough and pan cooked on low and stirred with my finger as for it to not cook. Just warm. Added tofu that was left in the fridge that we don’t normally have around anymore. Fresh beans, tomatoes and basil from the garden and spiral zucchini. Looked good but execution fell flat and I gotta say another orange juice would have been more pleasant, in place. The tomatoes were the only pop the meal had and there were very few tomatoes ripe to go into the meal.

It goes this way occasionally. Also probably what gets us eating out more often. The feeling of wanting or deserving more. Food rewards for good behaviour or work. So many things we can tell ourselves. Slippery slopes that if we’re not careful see us back in a world we are fighting so hard to separate ourselves from.

So, sauces and spices and better ingredients. Gotta maintain simplicity throughout. Every transition is like working through addictions as powerful as a past tobacco smoking addiction. An addiction Lyndsy and I both kicked almost two decades ago. This world around us has been design for failure in the tackling of these addictions. They didn’t account for those who can rise up from their control. They did however make a system to maintain the majority.

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