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What show are you watching

No matter the life you lead, no matter the people you spend your time with, no matter the ideals or interpretation that consumes you, we are all watching the show right now.

Before we all wake up, we are all being woke up. Passively it’s beautiful to see what’s happening. In shows, movies, music, series and on so many different streaming platforms, the message is coming through. Messages of the truth in industry, in politics and social existence. The truth and teachings of God. Not teachings from religion but of what has long been manipulated and lost from our manual. It is disintegrating and we are watching medicine at play.

I live off social media and have no attachment to news and propaganda these days. My heart lies in the beauty of the people in the right helping us through past destructive programming methods to warm us and bring us to the light.

It’s ok if you don’t see it. It’s ok if you think I’m nuts. We are all warming to the new world and inner thought is breaking through.

Calm yourself. Breath and smile. Help those around you when you see it and take no thought for yourself. When evil is removed, the effects of evil doesn’t control the story anymore. Off an extended period of time where demonic entities controlled the narrative, their outcome is what we became programmed to expect. Expect those outcomes no more and soon we all breath together.

Pay attention to the breath. The breath is being brought forward. Why? Pay attention to love. Pay attention to common sense. Pay attention to compassion. Pay attention to the right no matter the inherent danger. Pay attention to the story. It’s being told and your watching it.

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