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What We Ate Today

On the go today I jump started the day by getting up and heading to Sunterra for two bottles of fresh squeezed 970mm orange juice bottles and bananas.

Consumed the Orange juice and a banana at 9:30 am. Perfect satisfying and lasting item for a day wrapping a huge car trailer for a client. We spent a little time laying out their graphics but nothing really looked right on the grey of the trailer so we decided to black it out first.

Throughout the 6 hours, of the second day of the instal, I drank water. After finishing the trailer I headed home and prepared a vegetable meal.

This time around I wanted to observe a whole raw food meal. Utilizing just what’s in the fridge. I made two parts. Part one was in the pan but on low and I made sure I could mix it with my fingers the whole time. This to insure the food kept its nutrients. Cauliflower, portobello, and dates. That’s it. Just let it slowly soften while I chop the other part.

The second part, I took a large bowl and chopped up 3 tomatoes, celery, one large apple, and mixed in one soft avocado and a tablespoon of tahini. Turned it all till fully mixed. Also added some baked ginger we like to prepare for seasoning.

That’s it. No extra seasoning. No in-depth construction. Soft and flavourful. Lyndsy did make the comment of how she’s not a fan of raw cauliflower. I get that, so something to think around for another time. Flavour was smooth, sweet but balanced.

Just keep assembling things and figuring it out. We will get there and it just takes effort. Assembling is the term. Fuck the cooking. It’s so hard to get out of the head at times but it is possible. Just waiting for the world to catch up and make it easier. In the mean time, I’ll just keep making the way myself.

Finished the day off with fresh squeezed orange juice. The fruit is the easy part of the day. Hydrating and completely satisfying. You know it’s the way when at times it’s everything left in my accounts just to buy fruit. Fruit is pretty much the only thing I’ll allow to hold the title of food anymore. If it has a printed label, take the over marketed, highly manipulated ingredients and accompanying imagery and shove it up your fucking ass… big “food”, manipulating, death promoting… I’ll just stop here before I get too carried away.

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