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Our latest adjustments to our consumption of “food” has left but one location to eat out at. For the time being Mondays Plant Based Cafe is our one location of choice. We still choose select things on their menu, especially while we keep slowly moving through detox.

Two wonderful women that have cultivated something very specific and special to not only tantalize your taste buds but to provide a superior healing intake you can’t find anywhere else.

This doesn’t mean the other locations we frequented were not important and good. It’s now just time we refine more and take yet another step toward independence. That’s what this is about. Giving our bodies the ability to maintain itself.

One of our recent refinements have included the removal of alcohol. It was a minimal consumption but that in its own statement spoke to me as, why was it still there? Raw food is the focus and to help bridge that gap we are slow cooking on low and stirring with our fingers. This keeps any foods that we do want warm to remain in the raw category. Increase our fruit percentage even more and refine what vegetables make the cut.

Finding another produce location that brings in what we require with no less quality but pricing more affordable is making the increase of fruit obtainable. I really suggest talking to everyone and helping find local locations. If we went to a regular grocery store our typical $40-60 purchase would literally be $120-200. That’s disgusting as we shop every 2-3 days and shows how abused people allow themselves to be just to maintain the status quo. Everyone keeps paying the price and they keep charging the price.

We focus heavy on keeping fruits separate from vegetables. When we do mix and do move slightly off the norm we pay attention to our bodies and correlate it to what we have ate over the last two to three days. The signs of gas, bloating and digestion help us inner-stand what choices were good and what were bad. *Side note – you hear me say inner-stand instead of understand a lot. Want to know why? Charlie Freak. Freak Sense TV is why.

No matter how long we’ve been at it, there are so many things our bodies have gone through over the years. We can’t expect our bodies to be done healing any time soon. This means, breakouts and skin issues popping up here and there. Signs of detox that never stick around but indication, from what I inner-stand is my body detoxing as my liver is learning how to filter again.

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