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The program

Popular or trendy phrases that are not so innocent. do you really think phrases pop up just from random people and situations? Out of circumstance and of no real intent but relatable.

As conspiracy orientated you may think this sounds, the intent is to maintain focus. To keep the focus of the general population within the direction of displease, discomfort, confrontation and despair.

Odd how the optimist and positive individual is the minority. So much that we often shun them as unrealistic and goofy. Shaking our heads at them. There’s a reason the optimist is the outcast. Look around. It’s popular to have a resting bitch face. Trendy to be dark and mysterious.

It’s acceptable personal safety, to ignore another person in need of help as to not put yourself in possible danger. We have organizations and companies to help people in need to aid in the separation of the everyday individuals helping each other. Just drive on by you think. They have a cell phone and can call a tow truck or ambulance. This runs through your mind as you decide the ticking clock is real and has power to keep you to your schedule.

Why do we follow trends and why are they so vastly adoptable? Coordination, intent and execution. Down play it as circumstantial. Just how the world is and just how we as some random organism relates to each other. When a process and system has been under implementation since before your birth, before your parents and grandparents birth, do you really think you would have the gnosis to see it?

At the hands of man or at the hands of God? Ask this often and start seeing the patterns around you. Start seeing your programming.

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