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I had cancer and it’s a good thing I did

So I had cancer. That’s the phrase that was spoken in the past. The new truthful way to speak is that my body utilized cancer to counter act how I was treating my body. Cancer was not in need of removal by way of surgery and radiation treatment. Cancer would have retreated as I detoxed my body from all the garbage I was unknowingly pushing into my mouth.

Do you inner-stand what I just said? If this is the first time you’ve heard someone talk like this then my words won’t make any sense. You’ve heard your whole life that cancer is a disease that we’re trying to find a cure for. This is a lie that the majority of the public including the medical community still believe. Education doesn’t embody gnosis and common sense. We are all about to witness this along with many more truths.

Knowing fruit detoxes, heals and maintains my health is something moving forward everyone should learn. It is something that would have been good for me to be taught growing up. It wasn’t though, as there was a path I had to take to learn to share my experience. Just telling you something is not as powerful as telling you my story.

Thyroid cancer was the diagnosis and both glands were surgically removed followed by radiation treatment. No where along the way was a conversation had about what I consumed. What I should consume and how to let my amassing body heal itself. For shame, medical community. For shame!

I figured it out. A decade long journey to get to this point but I‘m now here. Now I plot to cripple this system. Well, it doesn’t look like I have to. It does look like another team has arrived to aid in the destruction of this disjointed demonic backward organization. I, however, have conveniently found clarity in my journey at the same time to be able to relate and speak truth and back up what is transpiring. I hope what I say aids in people’s inner-standing of the other side of the lies they believed in for so long.

I found much frustration over the years and can relate. We will all get through this change. Let’s just make sure we talk it out.

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