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Trust / Truth

Fuck “your” truth. There is only one truth. We all can have an opinion and a separate path to the truth but in the end you and I will stand in that one truth or be humble in finding a way to that one truth.

Now, what gives me the audacity to think I can speak the truth? First it’s important to observe and listen to my words. Take note to what I profess I have proven through personal trial to ascertain validity. Pay attention to how I utilize my experience to narrow the lies and come into proximity of the truth. Really though, I have a lot of trust to build to have it taken seriously by you.

So here I find myself asking what is the best way to share and prove my trust to you. I know how I am in person and that is where I connect and will continue to connect. Past my in person experiences, I find writing, a tool I enjoy. I do however know it’s not as captivating. I’ll keep writing and maybe my interpretation of my writing isn’t as weak as I think but I do ponder video. Having a more visceral connection where you can hear my feelings and see my intent along with my words.

How I connect with you is important and my stand. No matter how firm a stance I have you have to be able to understand me. You have to relate to me and trust me. You have to see validity in my statement and my words must resonate.

I’ll just keep writing and try some video. The video will be for myself for now. Maybe it’ll be an appropriate addition to clarify my words to help earn your trust.

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