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The connection today in my own community with people was beautiful.

A neighbour I had not yet met, found me walk up to her garage sale. A wonderful woman from Italy. A retired dress maker. We connected over a couple items she was selling.

Another neighbour a block further away with some wonderful woodworking skills that connected with me and able to provide me something that is of artistic construction that I have mind for. I visited his shop and he was able to share his skills with me.

A third neighbour walked up my driveway and offered me something specific that I’m very thankful for being offered. She also makes some wonderful creative and beautiful items that she is graciously making me one.

I’m not telling you what the items are because the beauty is between people and exchange of energy. The depth of the day is in how connected, calm and gracious every moment embraced me.

Today was so simple like this post but so meaningful and peaceful.

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