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What we ate today

Our raw vegetable meals are getting better. As we’ve shifted to raw food we have found creating meals a bit easier. We have also become more entranced by the fruit and not as intrigued by our one vegetable meal a day.

Started with 500 ml fresh squeezed Orange Juice. Lyndsy is opting to go without the pulp these days and I happily consume her’s. As I’ve said before, we only keep the nicest, lightest of the pulp. Soooo delicious. At least for me. I like the pulp on a chopped up banana. Lyndsy is enjoying the nectarines that have been available lately.

Mid day we did another 500ml of Orange Juice.

I spiralled up carrots and cucumber. Diced tomatoes and an avocado. Diced up some dates. Added rosemary, cinnamon, and fresh basil. Mixed it all up. Just like that. Only thing was the skin of the cucumber was a little hard and I didn’t really enjoy that texture. Flavour was wonderful. I made a big batch of this. We had a bowl each early afternoon then took two bowls to Lyndsy’s mothers place for late afternoon.

We had some alcohol as we were out with family. That shouldn’t be an excuse but we haven’t been drinking much at all. We are clearly moving to eliminate alcohol and I think Lyndsy and I are both comfortable with the slow and steady separation method. This may be different if alcohol was viewed by either of us like we viewed coffee. That was a tough one and needed complete removal without looking back. we consumed filtered water during our afternoon vegetable meal and alcohol consumption. Not sure how much Lyndsy had. I’d guess 2 glasses and I had 1.5 beers.

Lyndsy and I sat in the evening sun and had a half glass of wine each and enjoyed a beautiful summer moment in our front yard.

Evening was another 500 ml Orange a juice each and then a big bowl of nectarines, bananas and a few dates to split while we settle in for the evening.

Right now it is always notable how we pay attention to separating meals. Specifically fruit and vegetables. Paying attention to 1/2 an hour after fruit before then eating vegetables. 1.5 hours after vegetables when consuming fruit after. Mastering this has eliminated so much discomfort. It really is a repeatable point of attention.

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