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Finding Juice

We know of two places to procure fresh squeezed Orange Juice now. Community is too expensive. Sunterra Market is reasonable as they do it in house.

As we shifted to raw and increased more fruit, the need to get out or have something satisfying on a happening day is still desirable for us city folk. Literally, just buying 970ml containers of fresh squeezed orange juice is incredibly satisfying.

Both Lyndsy and I perk right up with the thought of stopping by this trendy overpriced market. Cost of the OJ is pretty decent when you think about the convenience and labour which is a nice contrast to the general cost of their remaining product.

Additionally it boggles me that there isn’t more fresh juice at other places. The establishment can recoup much of the oranges they can’t sell as they start to get undesirable in look. if anything, it would pay for the labour cost to produce it and drive more healing options and bring in more customers.

Yes, I’m sure there’s a quality control aspect to having various markets produces fresh squeezed orange juice. I’m sure the customers will dictate who gets it right and who doesn’t. Hell, start asking for produce venues to provide it. Let’s do it. Help everyone see there’s a place for fresh squeezed.

I’m still, to this day, amazed at how satisfying a Ltr of fresh Orange Juice is.

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