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My routine dictates success. Oddly, I have a very loose routine. Today, though, I found myself waiting. Waiting for a job that’s close but not quite ready for me.

What this did is cause me to wander and with this my mind wandered. Looks like this situation is a trigger for me. First I had thoughts of a vegan Buffalo chicken sandwich from Hearts Choice Cafe. Horrible option but showed up in the brain. Next it shifted to Pho then Vermicelli at Nan’s Noodlehouse. Oddly the better choice but happened to be the easier one to shake. I then pushed my mind to orange juice at Sunterra market.

Success. OJ at Sunterra procured and my day was back on track. I then focussed and required an odd shape table on heavy duty casters for a relocation of a laminator in my studio. I knew I’d have to construct this and I saw a old hospital bed at Alberta Surplus for $5 that would do the trick so I headed that way to check it out.

Yup, it would do the trick but I’d have so much left over materials I was having a hard time committing. I was falling back into limbo and my day was getting loose again. I let the idea go and fell back in my previous mind set.

Now I find myself thinking of Canela Bakery. Oh, but I easily see myself buying some cookies for one of my clients. The client that has me in this waiting bubble today. Cool, so I’ve convinced myself to get some cookies and maybe one for myself. Not perfect but not bad.

We’ll, I got a spinach ricotta Vegan roll as well. Easily spinning out of control . The mind set in conjunction with routine really is the challenge. Eating and drinking fruit is so easy and fulfilling. It’s the construct and the multitude of different ways it comes at us to make bad choices that is the problem.

The ricotta Vegan roll and cookie was tasty but not satisfying. It bothered me mentally as I ate it. Phlegm and tiredness after I ate it then fell upon me.

I’m home now and owning the moment but paying some attention to my wandering of the city and the wandering of the mind.

The best for me is to tell this story and if you find similar troubles go ahead and tell your story. Let’s be aware and give ourselves the best chance through this awareness. hiding or dismissing our bad choices leads to reoccurrence.

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