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You will see it

Where are you at and are you ready for what’s next?

Oblivious, observant or so far in deciphering the construct, it looks like a lego play set and you can’t imagine how you ever viewed it as reality?

As a child, constructing and building anything I imagined, nothing seemed out of reach. As I grew, what I could build depended on my interpretation and position within my environment. Environment being of physical position but also level of awareness.

Somewhat conveniently I found myself in a family with very little but only little of “the popular culture”. I was never without, just delayed or not exposed to. For example; we would get a VHS player when most everybody were using DVD’s. Music was no more then the beautiful piano my mother played at home. Cable TV was a luxury we didn’t feel the need for and the removal of all these things in cumulative, seemed normal for my existence.

This provided a shelter of sorts. Along with moving quite often in my youth, exposure to what the construct was laying down was sparse and unimportant. Nothing had a chance to take hold or direct me.

Later, in public schooling, I furthered my distance from the “Jones’s” in a more knowing manner. I became acquaintances with everyone but got close to very few. I dressed non-discript and floated around as my emotions dictated. To further my abilities to drift, I found myself good at almost everything I tried. I could swoop in and impress and get what I require, then fall or fade away, no one being the wiser.

There were those that observed me. This I’m positive of, but a side story to be told in another moment. An interesting one you and I will be engulfed in soon enough.

I loved being by myself driving, biking or walking endlessly. Often taking cross city journeys on foot or town to town drives at any point without thought.

All this, I imagine, kept me, “Of My Own”. I did feel alone. Even when around others and the people I spent time with, never lasted.

Little things through my life, nudging my awareness in one direction. This year, looking at it all, it’s apparent it’s of a higher plan. How so? I’m not outwardly aware but also not concerned. Pieces falling into place as I clear my mind and take no thought. Like my inner self placing all my life’s blocks of lego where they are meant to be. For a beauty so bright it can not be told.

What am I saying? Im telling you to pay attention! To everything! The answers are being shoved down our throats and if you just take a breath and clear your mind, you will see it. You will hear it. You will feel it. It’s beauty not of wide gnosis. It is on standby to be revealed. Revealed when you calm yourself enough to be part of it.

Interpretation awareness paramount for communication. Maintain an open ear.
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