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The Constructs 4th Quarter

The leaves are turning. The fourth quarter of the constructs hell on earth. A show that so too many take as, “just the way life is”. A fluke occurrence for little bits of dust floating around the galaxy with no intent or meaning. And these people, as once I did, ask too often,”what’s the purpose of life?”

A question, I’m certain, purposely interjected to diffuse people from feelings that they are special and powerful. We are beauty with expansive ability’s. Some that I am experiencing. Others, in recent clarity, have been there all along. The rest growing and transforming as I enter every moment.

Think not that someone or something is coming to save you or I. Let go of thought to find you and I are the change. We are the force. We are connected. We are the way.

The cold winds blow today as it did the day before, with our new mask mandate announcement. Walking through the stores to buy my fruit, I noticed not everyone looked like they were going to jump off the bridge this time. Fewer cloth faced lemmings roaming the streets and stores. A welcoming sight.

Are people getting fed up? Are they starting to see the lies? Are they utilizing the white teams shows, movies, and various avenues of digital entertainment for the messages we all are unknowingly observing? Are peoples conversations going deeper within community? Are peoples relationships altering, shifting, ending and starting?

Eat fruit. Know you are the one to save you and I. Know your power lies in the narrow road to the right. Know everything you grew up with is a lie. Know that we move forward together through helping each other. Helping not just what fits your ideals but helping anyone in your path with no judgment or requirement. Expect nothing in return. Look at everything like a child in wonder. Allow your teachings to fall and your heart to take over.

This winter will be cold and lonely or bright and fulfilling. Decided only by your awakening consciousness.

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