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I know God. I don’t believe in God or prescribe to religion or religious freedoms. I know God. I know God like everyone should know God through alkalizing my body and mind. Walking the narrow path to the right. I’m looking forward to becoming closer to God the further I move in this direction.

As a man of God I live my life now making every move to live in the Right. Taking no thought for myself. Being true and speaking the truth. Standing firm. Cutting the bullshit and connecting to the long lost art of common sense.

The pandemic is political and has so many holes in its platform it’s mind boggling how many people just abide. The virus, which is understood incorrectly, is “not” nothing. It’s like the flu and any other previous virus and pandemic. Created by man. Definitely a stronger effect then the flu. Jan 2020, I am confident Lyndsy went through it. A very strong illness overcame her. It however does not warrant taking away our rights and freedoms. The truth is known and is coming. This I can assure you. This I know. This everyone soon will know.

When you know better do better. I can not wear a mask as it is a statement of turning my back on God. It’s this statement because I know what the truth is. It’s all out there in plain sight. In basic microbiology. In government health websites. In policy implementation. In common sense. Gnosis of the truth means putting a mask on is turning my back to known truth, to the ability of my alkaline body and it’s close system and to God.

I will not turn my back on God. I will continue my journey. I will fulfill my word and stand in truth wherever I am. I will have my conversation with anyone in my path. In truth I have words that prevail.

This fourth quarter of 2021 is the final hour. Show time for everyone to pick a side. In previous lockdowns I chose not to wear a mask and spoke I was exempt. This was effective almost entirely. I was however not standing in truth. I was cowering behind a technicality. Today I stand firm in Gods Light. In truth. To a friend. To a stranger. To a business. To an officer. None have authority over me. A man of God.

The more one throws them self to the right and does the work, the more one finds everything you know in society is a lie. The revile is upon us and this last year was and is hell on earth to show how far under control the mass population has been. To revile the lies in life, the lies in laws, the lies in religion, the lies in evolution and science. My journey is of trials. Moments of tests to inner-stand and dissect these lies to not only hear but know what is and what is not. With how expansive my words are it is very important my words are of my work. Gnosis comes from each individuals journey to find the truth. If you hear or listen to me I’d expect you require me to earn your trust. I’d expect you to dissect everything I say. In this I’d then know your in access to your common sense and not one of the masses just clinging to the latest trend to claim as their own truth. Something contrary to the singular truth. A singular truth distracted by organized society and their fallen puppet masters.

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