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What We Ate Today

Prickly start with a change and new to us, cactus pear juice and some grapes in the morning.

At Freestone Produce, with no navel oranges I saw these cactus pears. I asked the man beside me how to pick them. Easy enough he indicated and I asked what they tasted like. He responded, “I like them”. It was a response that clearly indicated others he knows were not necessarily fans of the fruit. I filled a bag to give it a good shot.

Got a few slivers but nothing that bad. Little pricks that stick right up in the skin. The man told me to chop off each end and peal the skin off. First one I shared with Lyndsy and the seeds, definitely not editable, did make them less of an easy fruit to eat but I came to the idea to find a way to separate the seeds. I threw them in a blender and whipped up the fruit, then strained it. Turned out quite nice. Very tasty and a great change in routine. With a bowl of grapes, we were off to a bright start.

We picked up a dehydrator a week back and dried some golden kiwis we had with some friends the night earlier and today I set apricots to dry over the day.

Our second meal was Orange Juice. We still had some left in the fridge and proceeded to fresh squeeze 500 ml. Lyndsy just had the juice and I had the juice and the light pulp on a chopped up banana.

Up next were some beautify chopped up Gala apples. Simple and satisfying.

Sitting out front with a friend, Lyndsy brought us some fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden. A handful each and a couple purple carrots. Tomatoes, tasty as always but the carrots were little too bitter. Just a couple small ones each so no harm.

Final meal of the day were the dried nectarines. now they were supposed to be a snack and the concern is the dehydration factor. Didn’t stop us from eating about 7 nectarines in dehydrated form. I have a couple bowls of Himalayan salt crystals around the house and I had a few crystals with the apricots.

That’s it. Couple glasses of water here and there. I heard eventually fruit satisfies and you start eating less. That seemed to be the feel this day.

Important to note I felt dehydrated during the night and best I refrain from eating dehydrated fruit as a meal and stick to having it around as a treat. I knew this though but guess I just wanted the experience.

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