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To be clear, this pandemic is not what it appears to be. It is not for our safety rather a method to instal control. You don’t see it and others around you don’t see it because it’s designed this way.

One wonderful client I instal vinyl for has me installing downtown and the restrictions and clearance everywhere is ridiculous.

Since this last mask mandate I was clear I would put on a mask for previous obligations but not for future ones. It was a preemptive strike and a show of respect for my obligations.

After a week installing I’ve noticed a stand is a stand but every moment is different and I’m just flowing. I walk into every location without a mask and the thought was to put on a mask when asked. Oddly, no one is stopping me.

Almost no one. I had a conversation with one concierge and proceeded to be escorted to the location . Once in the elevator then he asked. Makes no sense to me but as I represent someone else I didn’t make a stink. He quickly opened the elevator door and had me go back to my vehicle to get a mask. Yes, I do have a mask in the truck. Every situation is different.

My standpoint currently is to show no fear. If required, I’ll put one on. If appropriate I will have a conversation about the mask. About God. About freedom.

Staying in the moment seems most important through this.

Today I entered a secure location with no mask. I was not asked to put one on. I am now installing in a public location with no mask.

Shine my light. keep it bright. We’ll get to the next step in every moment.

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