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Bullshit be Gone

Can we always know when to do the right thing and how do we know what the right thing is.

I’d like to say you just know. So I will say it. You and I do just know. Coming to that Gnosis, after being programmed to think only for yourself, in this construct of a world, is prevalent and of concern.

So in this programming through society, education, popular culture, and even tradition we find ourselves cloudy in the mind.

Before the days of taking a stance and looking at my actions in every moment I truly felt I knew what was right and what was wrong. I didn’t analyze it, I just stated it.

I found I was more programmed then I thought. This when I started breaking it down. Not just stating it but living it and looking at it.

So I do the work now. In every moment I pay attention to my actions, my intentions, and when fear shows itself.

Now, I inner stand the challenges everyone faces.

We all have had to find protection. Protection from all the acts upon us from government, from culture, from religion, from trying to live. We decided to incorporate protection to counteract all these troubles that are imposed upon us. Adding protection is only in thinking for ourselves unfortunately.

There are so many impositions that we now feel these troubles are normal. To the point, that most don’t even see the troubles and fear created by such impositions. Impositions that solidify a perceived requirement of protective measures in our thoughts and actions.

So upon being released from all these interjected troubles that have us raise a line of protection, a change in method is required.

To change interpretation of protection to trust. From thinking for ourselves to thinking for others. To be given the space to breath and grow.

We could all sit here and agree change is difficult. This statement is of programming. Please trust in what I say here. We are unequivocally programmed to believe change is hard. Through our lives, change has been placed upon us in so many difficult ways that we dread it so deeply now. This is because the hardship of change has always been at the hand of fallen man. The greed of the Cain. So, if what I say is true, then change without pressure and programming has the potential to be calm, happy, energizing, and empowering.

We are upon such change. A change when the act of change isn’t backed up by hardship and turmoil. Change that is free of any such accompaniment. In this free change, we can embrace motion.

Time to live free of this requirement to live in protection. The ability to breath, move, and act for another. Time to inner-stand the acting in good. True benevolence. Without fear. Without requiring protection. Left to our own devises.

Interpretation of acting in good can now be diffused and transformed to include only it’s contained words and non of the other feelings previously interjected through programming.

All we require is the freedom to see. See nothing but our choices and the change. No other bullshit required.

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