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Conspiracy Theories

If you step back and just look at it in a basic sense. Conspiracy Theories are that which is in contradiction to the main stream media narrative.

Yeah, I get that sounds worded by someone from the CT side but still pretty accurate if you allow yourself to calm your emotion.

If, and yes it’s a big if, you are able to still sit and digest after such an intro this could get interesting.

In this basic sense we have two sides. I’m generalizing a little here but to make the point let’s not go down every direction. Main Street media and Conspiracy Theories are in contrast to each other. One side and the other. This means the possibility is one side could be right and one side could be wrong.

Now that’s out of the way. How does one decide which side is right? Guess it depends what you listen to. It could depend what you have been researching but let’s just be honest. It’s just which side you listen to. Other people do all the hard work researching so you and I don’t have to inner stand what’s right. Just align with the side that’s most comfortable or most routine or most traditional that is in front of you.

Stop. I really hope your having a hard time with these words right now. Kind of a slap in the face to think I would suggest most people just alight with what they are told and don’t cultivate gnosis through their own devise.

Nothing more to say here. Just maybe the hope for more of a journey for each of us past aligning with what’s being said by another.

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