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May I Help?

The pure initial thought. A, quite often, soft and illusive nudge. I must be instinctual and trusting to act on these. When I do, it is very meaningful.

Going over thought. Over and over. Now seems wasteful. It is appearing more, each occurrence is a nudge and a connection.

Our eyes are trained to deceive us and keep our other senses at bay. The other senses. the well know saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, speaks directly to this programming. One that has us trust our sight and disregard or go over our thoughts till they have no meaning to that moment.

Seeing someone needing help and not trusting my eyes which want to tell me they have everything under control, has been the correct alteration in my routine. We can not presume to know if everything is alright. Even if they are on a phone or someone else is with them.

Each one of us is an amassing tool kit that has something to offer that another cannot.

In this we must stop and say the words, “May I help?”

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