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Passive Fuckery

One thing unfortunately taught. One thing so many of us picked up. Is the art of Passive Fuckery. The act of inadvertently causing shit, disrupting others via words, phrases, or stories completely making another feel like shit!

Found in pubs, schools, hanging with friends and really, when looking at all levels of Passive Fuckery, it lyes in so much of our daily routine.

Poking someone… Messing with you… Just taking a jab… It’s cause I like you, that I pick on you.

Bull fucking shit. Get your head checked. Turn off its left side and embrace the right side to live and be in admiration of people. All from the creative part of you.

Act with dignity and respect. Cherish each other. We all like being happy and with kind individuals.

Busting my chops to be friendly is garbage. Be kind to be friendly. Enjoy the benefits and let’s just get past this technique of Passive Fuckery.

Published inbreathExclusive