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Wonderful People

Taking no thought for yourself and offering help whenever it crosses your path.

Coming from the programming of the construct, it’s not as easy as one may think. I get this. I am personally dealing with it continually. It is getting easier.

Just go out and start helping. Great advise, for-sure. It’s deeper then that though. The ego within you has been taught to say things in your head when you help like, I hope they understand how important my help is, or I hope they know how put out I am to help, or I wonder if they know how lucky they are? All of these and any similar dialogue in the mind is the ego speaking.

The ego is the part of you, created by the construct or the cabal to ensure you think only for yourself. They did this because they know we have power when we stand together and help each other.

So how do we shake these thoughts? First just recognize the thoughts and say them back to yourself for clarification. Then ask why those thoughts need or need not be present. God knows your lending a helping hand. That’s all that matters. God also knows you have these ego thoughts but that’s ok. God will also know you are paying attention to changing and removing these thoughts.

God loves a try-er. Go out and recognize your thoughts and watch them start to dissipate. remember God has nothing to do with religion. You connect to God yourself. You don’t report to another person or an establishment. Find the way within. Find it with yourself.

The thoughts are not the only obstacle. Often we prejudge a persons situation without going up to them, talking to them and finding out what they truly need.

We can’t expect us to have these judgements just drop off but like the ego thoughts, we can pay attention and start to ask why these are present.

Over time we will find ourselves selflessly there to help, with no need for payment or gratitude and we will be willing to go the extra distance.

We will do this in silence without bragging about how we helped, although we may talk about how beautiful the experiences are, with all the wonderful people we meet.

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