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It’s Time

You’re not able to process truth.

It’s not that you’re not intelligent. It’s not that your not capable. It’s not that you’re not a being that has unlimited ability.

It’s that yours and my mind have been trained. How would you know if your parents and their parents both helped keep you blind. Your extended family and friends kept you blind. Your teachers and leaders kept you blind.

They all did it because they were blind.

Who is it that is lying and keeping you from Gnosis of how limitless you are?

Does it matter who, if you don’t know you are under the thumb. Under constant direction and intent of another.

They know how to make you distracted. They know how to keep pain in your heart. They know how to keep you searching without sight to see. They are masters of this task and know they have to be diligent with a continual onslaught of separation pertaining to you and the truth.

They are us. They have fallen and have gone so low they cherish the pain they consume. They want those who rise to be unknowing and fall to their knees. They want the free to be shackled and find pleasure to see us shackle ourselves through their tricks and mind play.

They have been so clever for so long, they know you do not see them. More so, they know you do not see you.

There are some that see you. The number of us that see you are growing. I see you.

It’s time… you see you.

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