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Not Lost

Being cultivated into such external creatures, the concept of the world around us is what we are shown and what we see.

The days of inner gnosis are upon us but we are not quite there.

This is why we are being shown our world. Even if you do not see it.

Keep watching the TV. Fall in the lies of the news but find strength in serials and movies of today. All in allegory. You and I are being shown. Shown the truth about the world. Show the truth about spirituality. Shown the truth about our selves.

Expect hard information coming your way. A good effort is and has been made so that information doesn’t crumble you.

Across the board, these efforts are climaxing. You are waiting in anticipation as the next season shifts to the new premier. So does our consciousness.

It’s not just these shows of today. We’ve been blessed to have the truth be made to us through the years. All in code or allegory.

Not just limited to serials and movies. You hear it in your music. Your playing it in your games.

Yellowstone, The Morning Show, Mr. Corman, The Dig, The Octopus Teacher, Populus Run, The Collage Atlas, The Queens Gambit, Groundhogs Day, Fe@rless, Hot Fuzz, Ted Lasso… Just a tease of a list and just a sample of what’s run by my eyes.

It’s everywhere. When hit with the hardest of truths we will all find it, not so hard to take. It will seem familiar and reasonable. We will digest. We will move on.

All to the efforts of those who answer Gods call. All who have gone inside themselves to find truth and strength. All to those who lay their lives on the line for another and for the right. For the Good. For you and I.

Thank you. I take notice and strive to emulate you. Taking my moments to push myself to ignore the ego and stop when someone is in need. Not judging or prejudging but looking everyone in the eye and helping. For it is right and not for its convenience or for my benefit.

Look away the age of yourself. Push away the feelings taught, “to hold your own”. We are all brothers and sisters. Time we treat each other like family should. That’s in hard truths. That’s in selfless help. That’s in standing for the right. That in usage of the long lost Common Sense.

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