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Is there really a better option to truth?

Utilization of silence for communication holds no honour.

Before I dive into this, let’s clarify. Silence is beautiful and I strive for it and so should we all to calm and clear our minds. Using silence as an answer is toxic. It’s punishment for the recipient and not an act of kind man.

You choose not to give an answer because you are angry or frustrated. You choose silence because you hold only thoughts that may sound mean and your not prepared to speak truth not knowing the outcome. You worry the recipient of your communication will change their outlook on you. You fear words will be hard for you to speak and silence is the easy route out for you.

No matter what your reason for silence in the replacing of a response, your taking thought for yourself. Realize the person you sit silent for is separate from you. Does not have your train of thought. Holds different meanings then you for different situations and words. With this difference, will they understand your silence as your intending your silence to be relayed.

Be kind with your words and speak up. In the beginning your efforts may not come across kind but in time they will. They will if you keep trying. If we all keep trying we will all learn kind ways of relaying truth. We must all stop being selfish and this notion silence is the better route then truth.

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