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One item at a time

Snow in the forecast. A shift in my feelings, in my actions, in my intent.

Living in each moment has changed me. When I first started training my mind to reside in the now it was just thought. I’ve taken it so far it has enlightened not only the beauty of the world but the problems I held close, most all my life.

Items are at the forefront of this insight. The items in my life, Like a vehicle, create weight and thought. The weight of a thought no matter benevolent or troubling is still a weight and a pull on living in the moment. What to fix? How to use? What’s it’s purpose? Does it fill my needs? The more the item requires attention the more I’m pulled out of the moment and into the future to forecast preparing it. So when you have multiple vehicles, the pulling out of the moment increases. Especially when your an enthusiast and the vehicle is an expression of your personality.

As the thought of snow lingers in my mind, it pulls me from clarity and the moment. It has me preparing the home for weather sealing, a check up on the furnace, preparation of the items in the yard. It has me setting vehicles up for storage. Others for winter tires. Pulling out winter clothes.

More items, equal more separation from living pure in the moment. Complete removal may not be necessary, although an option. Reduction of any sort is cleansing.

Coming from a world of items I’m faced with breaking down habit in thought to accomplish clarity. Times in my past cultivated emotion where in I then collect items to embrace those feelings. The thought of this sounds sentimental but with gnosis of the present it’s actually a restraint I place on myself.

Rip it off like a bandaid is most likely the best solution. My old thoughts and habits that linger say otherwise. Ah, the battle of the mind is still present and at hand. Not just for me. For Lyndsy as well. How I change, changes Lyndsy and my actions reflect implications on the both of us. I must think of Lyndsy’s desire for change as I make my changes.

Obvious I have no definitive plan or answer. I am talking it out. I like this direction. A feeling of realization. I am releasing the constructs hold it has on me through items. Even if it’s one item at a time.

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