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I love you and know why you do not see what I see. There are so many that do not see. I stand for the freedom’s most, so easily, are handing over to another. Today it’s segregation. Tomorrow it’s internment camps. I stand steadfast and hold the ideals of freedom. I am aware of truths others do not see. I am not alone.

In our spirituality, you and I are close like no other. We stand together and align so beautifully. I am so proud to be your son. I love you.

The political and societal landscape we see different sides in are colliding. Not only between you and me but between the right and the deceptor’s. I admire your hold on your ideals and opinions and the fight for your position. I am sorry that your viewpoint is close to its demise as I admire your passion. It is what makes you so beautiful.

Till the day it becomes clear. The day what I stand for becomes clear. I will stand alone if need be and push through the ridicule. I will hold fast in judgement of others. I will stand to force if brought my way. I do it for you. I do it for a man or woman on the street I do not know. I do it for God.

The truth of who has died for what, how and how many is coming. It is not what you know. It is not what people of mainstream media viewers inner-stand. My words have not resonated with you and I know why. We will get past this. Our differences here are temporary. They do not reflect my love for you and all the beautiful spiritual connections we are to, and will continue to make along side each other.

I love you mom.

Your Son and friend



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