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An Instrument

We are the instrument that which another flows through.

Envision yourself a trumpet, a bassoon or a clarinet. The air that flows through you is not of you. The beauty of the song depends on the condition of the instrument. Clogged and unclean. Dented and stuck keys. Missing parts and corrosion. Or tuned, cherished and polished. Well cared for and loved. A song that sings. Which is not your air but that which is Gods breath. It flows through you. How you treat yourself dictates the majesty of the song.

This is not just about taking care of yourself but an insight to being someone great. Your song is you but greatness is humble in knowing that your greatness was the maintenance of the instrument for the knowledge and love to pass through. You are the deliverer not the sender.

When you choose to be the sender you are in thought for yourself and no symphony will ever transpire.

Go within and find alkalinity. Find kind man. Find inner gnosis you could never of imagined and surrender to allowing benevolent transcendence exude your world.

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