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As we come close to the end of this “current state of affairs”, let me make mention to the items I’ve learned.

These items are not to brag or separate. These items are real and I was blessed to be guided to see and find those that helped me to see the logic in this time of disinformation.

Alkalinity is the path to gnosis. An alkaline diet and mind created by breathing and only putting live food into our bodies. Fruit from the tree for pure filtered water from the earth. Never harming. Always nourishing and detoxing. Gnosis is from within not from institution and is accessed through the detox of the body and stillness of the mind. Through breath we find the path to common sense.

Common sense is through doing the work and not spouting off what someone else is saying. See through the pandemic. See through the politics. See through religion. See through the world of the corporation. See through popular culture. See through tradition. Common sense allows you to decode this massive deception placed upon us. Once you see it, the fear falls away. Doing the work is breathing. Doing the work is actual research and comparison of details and digging for the truth. Doing the work is cleaning the body and mind. Doing the work is finding silence and stillness in the mind. Doing the work is recognizing and separating the ego. Removing the voice of MKultra to sit in life and truth and not the thought (ego) of the construct.

Taking no thought for your life. Do what’s right always. Speak the truth always. Recognize through your transition where you falter to do better when you know better. Leave your fears. Leave them for God to take care of when you do Gods work and put others before yourself. Stop holding onto the scraps and items of vanity in hopes to pay your bills and parade who you are not. Share and learn to know you’ll always be taken care of if you selflessly help another.

We are all brothers and sisters of a world where we are the pinnacle of its creation. this is seen once you start helping without judgement or prejudice. The synchronicities and flow of all that transpires move smooth and seamlessly. So far past the archaic thought of coincidence to the point of Gnosis. We are not insignificant and require saving. We have power beyond this constructs idea of reason and have been treated and brainwashed to think we are insignificant specs of dust in a vast emptiness.

Fear is an illusion that we’ve been trained to manifest. Breaking fear away is the inner standing of what fear entails and where fear is found. In the smallest anxiety to thinking of the future (the unknown). In preparing for anything outside the moment. Laying down the deception we tell ourselves that we are strong and have no fear to find and dissolve the programming. In no fear we live pure, in the moment and with great power and armour.

The lie that is linear time. A concept reinforced in everything that is this construct which perpetually reinforces fear and disconnection to ourselves, to our journey, to our connection to each other and to peace, comfort and enlightenment.

There is truth in singularity. That there is only one truth. That we all have different journeys and perceptions to find the truth but in the end only one truth. We have free will in seeing through our experiences and our environment and utilizing this to find our way on a continual journey toward a one singular truth once perceptions finally purify through our journey.

Everything we know in modern society… is… a… lie. People, systems, religions, sciences, ideals, and our concept of existence. All a lie. All turned upside down. All turned inside out.

The ship is being righted. Are you going to climb aboard? Are you going to let go of being “right”? Are you going to wipe the slate clean and stand in strength to say, “I want to learn the truth?”

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