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Hold no Expectation

How are we to believe in God when we’re taught lies and deception.

To think each and every one of us doesn’t have insight past comprehension sounds limiting. Especially since so many examples, everyday, we see, hear and experience occurrences that are no less then miracles. If grandeur of benevolence is around, then why is it not within and around us all at all times?

Interjection. Yes, the separation of the truth about our capabilities and comprehension of the world.

Someone speaks they know God. What’s their interpretation? Is it a story they tell to relay it? Is it instructions they want you to follow? Do they protest to know and say you can know too if you follow their rules?


Do they let you know who they are through how the live their lives. Do they help you to see within you. Do they give you room to explore and see the world for yourself.

A book says God gave us free will. Whatever the interpretation of God is, that statement is a statement of journey. To me I feel freedom to sit in the idea the journey is the point of life. To move forward or backward with the choices I make. To make choices in either direction to receive those experiences to give myself gnosis and growth.

I’d like to give the thought of God in the concept of the collective. Not limited to or defined but in the connection between each of us and everything. Not necessarily us but what binds us. It’s what makes me feel comfortable when the term, “I’ll leave it to the universe”, is used. Expansive connective benevolence. Why would God be an entity or form if God need not be an entity or form. Call blasphemy on me if your trained to do so. That is alright by me. How do we find God if we don’t look with in and without and explore what we feel in every moment.

I know God. I do not know how to explain God. This gets to be the beautiful part of my journey. To find out and find out how to speak of God. How to speak of how we are connected. How to do this in a manner that we can all explore this together more. In inquisitive manners rather then confined argumentative communication.

So are we taught lies about God? Yes, that is evident. Who is right? You are. Your journey is an exploration to find who God is, what God is, what God does, and where God is.

Clean the slate and start with yourself. That’s the path. There is no other path. If you are not ready that is your choice. If you desire to know God that you rush to find it by words of someone else, be wary you’ll only learn through the eyes of that person and their intent. Inner standing of something, truly, only can be known within yourself.

If your interested, start by asking yourself. Hold no expectation and enjoy your journey.

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