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The Further I Go

It feels to me, linear time is in contrast to selflessness and in fact yields aid to the selfish by design.

Before I remove linear time from an act of selflessness, let’s go through it with linear time.

A. I see or find myself in situation where aid is apparent.

B. I offer help and help is accepted.

C. I provide assistance and prevail

D. both parties find happiness in some form from successful aid.

Now, when I remove linear time, I find the most beautiful moment in the for-mentioned set of events to be the instance as I see aid required. A transcendent beautiful moment of warmth. All possibilities in front of you. A multitude of directions a journey is to unfold. A growth in unknown ways transpiring as I set down this path.

With linear time and visualization of this aid, the events unfolding hold more choices selfless or selfish. In these moments there may be beauty but dictated by events transpired and on course becoming more defined as the course comes to play out.

Linear time separates feeling and disjoints the flow of unity in energetic possibilities.

So back to the initial moment, like a newly born innocent child, enlightenment is… pure in beginning. Without the confinements of linear time the warmth is in the beginning which is the end and the middle. The encapsulated emotion that holds the tone of the whole event.

I’m close yet so far yet again right on the spot. I’ll keep talking and the words will become clear the further I go. That is all for now.

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