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Letter of Position

To whom this may concern

In this time where a clear “yes, I’ll abide”, or “no, I will not”, seems to be the limit of conversation, the value one sees in who I am and what I provide does require more depth.

Compliance to bylaws and corporate policies requiring masks and vaccinations is the submission of freedoms that on this Nov 11th people are expected to gather and declare, Lest We Forget. Through the 7 years I participated, in uniform, at ceremonies for those who gave their lives for us, I hold this topic close to my heart.

I respect everyone’s personal choice based on the tools and gnosis each one of us have that hold health, freedom and peace in hand. I can be respectful of policies as long as they do not violate the freedoms that were fought for and so many died to ensure I would have and uphold.

The direction a company or individual heads in, requires people, ideas and ethics from those you can trust. This is, of course, how strong relationships cultivate. Projects find completion and directional growth is distinct and with intent. People of ethical and reliable stature you can trust are of a breed of people who not only have a deeper account of caring or an ability to stand for others through the examples they make but demonstrate it endlessly. This is where we find greatness in what we do. With those who have this depth.

Taking only a suppliers word for what they say they do is poor business action in todays advertisement driven economy. We evaluate them to find trust as our business is important to us as we strive to cultivate an environment to be proud of. I utilize this evaluative stance in determining more then just my business relationships.

It is too early with too much controversy to give any trust to government action on the largest event the world appears to be positioned to be handling today. With definitions, data and political motivations continually vague and changing, the release of my health, a right that is mine, these institutions have not come close to any appropriate conclusion or demonstration of reliability or trust, to release me from our God given freedom.

To be clear I’m stating the wearing of a mask or the requirement of being vaccinated directly compromises my health with all my gnosis and research finding nothing but political reteric trying to say otherwise.

With the close attention to what’s been mandated and spoken in bylaw, local news cast, local and national press conferences and releases continually not being in line with data released on government health and publicly accessible websites, The clarity of a profit over Health scenario is and has been underway since the initial mention of this pandemic. These practices are routine. I know this as I’ve spent over a decade learning and seeing this routine ever since my cancer surgery and radiation treatment at an odd young age.

I am respectful of others and the decisions they choose to make utilizing the amount of qualified information they deem necessary to ensure their health. I do not impose my space on others, I speak clearly and calmly and pay attention to adapt to others environments as we all find out how this pandemic transpires.

In situations where my presence is required around other people, I proceed calmly, slowly and kindly to allow everyone to maneuver our personal spaces with safety. I also adapt my time schedule to accommodate installations to alternate schedules for flexibility. When no other option presents itself I gracefully bow away and remove myself from the environments that clash with my health and right to maintain my health. For those people or institutions that require I release my freedoms, I immediately and respectfully resolve to separate and maintain everyone’s free will to perceived safety.

The ability to provide the level of installation success I’ve demonstrated and my reputation shows I’ve cultivated, endurance, breath and dexterity is not accomplished with a mask. Not believing any reason is necessary, this is simply common sense.

My choice of vaccination does not require explanation as this topic violates my rights and freedoms. Freedoms which bylaws, although on the surface may seem valid, are in fact not. All secondary to my stance, taking a knee in front of no one but God.

After a personal Battle with cancer, as mentioned, over a decade ago in a journey that proved the Health and food system completely in line with profit and not public health, I have insight most no one posses. I have successfully defied odds of health on multiple occasions. I know how these impositions will end and I owe it to everyone on my path to demonstrate, not a radical, but a clear glimpse of the truth even if the perceived truth for each person, ends up only on freedom of choice of body health and life.

The world is changed by individuals. At times, institutions with out individual faces of influence seem to hault this power. Where compromises cannot be found, it’s clear as this occurs, business goes on and for me that is just a step. My respect for these hard policies are graciously met with a firm stance of my position and gratitude for the previous opportunities. As the political environment around these policies change, so can our ability to continue previous joint efforts and resume from this stop.

Joseph Denny
Dublu Inc.

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