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Kasey Stern once said, in so many words, to document your journey as you are going through it and present it along the way in real time. No matter the outcome, you are making it real for the audience and you will find engagement.

Now, those are not the exact words but a proper relay of his statement in my own words.

With the above mentioned, I would like to share my current vision and hopefully relay it with you as it grows. Ultimately I wish it able, to share something that does take form. This means I am risking such things like expectation and performance anxiety. Those are actually a bonus… if I utilize this opportunity to recognize and remove these, sort of, fears from my rwepitware.

I have been enjoying Russell Brand lately and hear his style in my words here and there. Thought I would make a mention in the case you hear it too. Thank you for stopping for this quick unrelated interjection. Now back to the topic at hand.

Utilizing what resources and space around me, I will enter the world of art, like I have never before. I will gather all my current projects and bring them all into the main room of my home to create my studio and gallery.

Without moving too far away from this moment, I do visualize a studio and gallery with a showcase atmosphere that encompasses not just my work but other artists and provides a gathering location for man/woman kind to talk, see actual projects come to life, and see them in real time. Expand minds in progressive, productive and benevolent manners with a place to sit and speak. All with a fruit and juice integrated canteen.

So, back in the now, my first step is to pull my creations out and build my main room into a creatorium right in the Center of my daily life. I wish to put an admirable effort into sharing with you all my wonders, trials, blunders, triumphs and expanding thoughts.

JoesphDublu 29 December 2021

The image I share here is the room now as it sits before my above intent. I am excited. I know fear and failure has no place in my presence any more. With this, I will remove the negative presence of the ego, placed unknowingly and unjustly within my consciousness from my mind. A voice created by the construct. An illusion that no longer holds me and only mere fragments of this demonic intent now linger for me to abolish. Removal by recognition and release in every moment.

Please feel free to reach out and share financial resources. I wish to accept donations from benevolent individuals who wish to promote expanding positive communication that parrelels freeing of man and woman kind in this transitional world wide change of consciousness.

29 December 2021 / the before image of the JoesphDublu Studio
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