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If we are the pinnacle of Gods design then why is it so hard to ingest the concept we all have the ability, through casting our nets to the right and cleansing our body to connect within, to facilitate Jesus Christ as a state of being?

Yes, I said Jesus Christ is a state of being and further speak that we all are “able” to take the narrow path to this enlightenment of Jesus Christ.

Being the pinnacle of Gods design it makes no sense that we are worthless nothings that are to just sit and wait for a saviour to come and save us all. Powerless and unworthy as we are instructed.

It does however give power to a few. Maintain a narrative to keep the masses disconnected and unknowing of their individual right and power.


Blasphemy inbound – the default retort. An attack one speaks intuitively. Maybe too intuitively. Similar to… dare I say it… programming.

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