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If we all step back and watch the current events, it is quite clear. So are you in the story or are you able to step back and view what is happening? Once you step out of the scene you can start realizing countries and major players doing and saying things that just would not have transpired in the past, you see something cultivated. To the point it is obvious, comical and even ridiculous.

Truth being placed in front of me when I could digest it was a blessing. What I learned in the past years repeatedly come to fruition with little false deterrents have positioned me to give those around me and myself comfort and compassion. This is not a statement of ego. It is a statement of realization we all have more meaning to the earth, each other and the environments we occupy which bring us all to gnosis of growth and life past the structure of what “people” call “human nature”. A term that gives us all leniency to greed, power, destruction, and rule over the other. A system now crumbling in front of us in a way we are, “all to live”, to understand. This because words do nothing. Living the experience brings us all to the light of what really is and the deception we all found ourselves in from birth.


Do you now see or are you at least getting a glimpse of that which you ended our profound friendship two years ago over? No Judgement. Just hope we can start communicating as this world transforms.

I must say, the way in which you ended our relationship is a reflection of your good character and this, amongst so many other traits you have shown to me has had me be patient with our absence of each other as the earths transformation plays out.

Many are still part of the show and not seeing what is transpiring. I write this as I know you and your level of common sense. I know you are seeing more then those that are still trapped in the system.

Want to know more? I can be quite cryptic in my blogs sometimes. I just type what comes out in the moment. I have much love for you BRD. No one is right or wrong in the journey. Thats what a journey is. We are all just being introduced to a beautiful new world and breaking free of an illusion. We all can discuss what is in front of us and together one day land on the truth. The destination. In time and with respect for each other, each others limits, fears, stresses, love and expansive creation.

Joesph Dublu

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