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Find a way

What to say and when to say it. How to say it and the awareness in the recourse of saying it.

What comes out of my mouth is a reflection of who I have become through my experiences. Not only this but in conjunction with my environmental stresses and most importantly my gnosis.

Most all of that, I am sure, you know. The last one most do not. Gnosis.

Gnosis is, in my words, The gathered perception I receive by cleansing my mind and body. Though breathing and juice or fasting clarity reveilles information.

This is spiritual. A hard statement to digest if the structure of this man made world currently consumes your directive.

To clarify this, opens a larger discussion but simply, gnosis is from God/Energy where in if you prepare your body to accept, gnosis is that which flows through your attuned physical body in conjunction with breath.

In a world of distraction this is a difficult venture and is a journey of successes and failures which if we keep communicating clarity will find its way.

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