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I remember a time when an opinion started with a thought that went through a lengthy process of gathering, comparing and discussing before a stated stance became present.

Today people seem to accept a statement as their opinion without any dissection or exploration. I mean why should they. They don’t have time. Many platforms have their own fact checkers for them. People with varying opinions get ostracized and that doesn’t sound attractive. Of course then there is no point to take the time to come to your own decision about a topic.

Or wait… maybe when you finally realize the freedoms you have are not actually freedoms this realization is now too late. You now must conform or be segregated and isolated.

Take the time to cultivate an opinion. Whatever it is and whatever side it coincides with. The main thing is, we become great when we converse our own opinions that we all took the time to cultivate.

Next time you spout your opinion ask yourself if you are just repeating something that sounded good or is it something that you took the time to confirm for yourself. And if it is not, do yourself a favour and just say where you heard it and it made you curious to find out more.

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