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Binding Force

Do not do what you want. Ask for what you want and do what is right and allow what you asked for to come to you.

When you do what you want you neglect taking care of others and the ability to keep focus on what is around you that needs your help.

This does not mean to neglect your wants. Ask for them but then be patient and in the space between when you asked and when your wants arrive, you devote yourself to aiding those along your path in need of assistance.

The space, that which we do not see nor is measurable in distance, which binds us all and us all to the natural world we mingle with, facilitates our wants when we do what is right and take care of one another.

Some say this space is God. Others may speak of Energy. We could look at it as the Universe. We are not all required to know the right title to participate in the binding force that lifts us all up and only requires we are true to each other, help each other and take care of the land we are blessed to reside on.


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