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I do not search for selective truth. It speaks to me there is only one truth. It is not subjective although viewed through different lenses by those at different levels of each ones journey. No matter if the feeling of pure truth is found, the listening ear stays attentive and not judgemental.

The current usage of the word truth instructs us all to our current miscommunication. It seems we do not speak true as the word has taken alternative context. To me the word true indicates direction. A journey. A vector towards right. The word truth states finality. Which implies grand gnosis. Something I would say the ego of man created in defiance of humility in the eye of God. This as God is the holder of truth and we are in the journey. A journey that if we maintain true, we may one day be graced to sit with God in truth. To use truth in a totalitarian holding of ones statement would be in resistance to walking the narrow path. That which maintains growth, compassion, strength and sight.

If we sit and battle in the finality of being right or of truth we are not in communication and are not in journey. Movement, which on a true course, heals and empowers us all.

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