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Be who you want others to be

There is a real deep conditioning within us all.

I hope to retain the compassionate thought – I was where you are. I know how you feel as I felt much the same. I did not feel I was misinformed. I did not feel I was making poor moral choices.

I was wrong. That does not now mean I am right. It means I have opened to a journey. One that has presented itself to us all.

As I learn, the more I listen before I speak. I am not ashamed of where I was as the more light I was exposed to the more I found my direction. The more I could see. The more my past choices guided my current growth as long as I learned from them.

I have times of strength and I have times of defeat and sadness. I know now this is a process, a journey.

Wherever I am and wherever you are, those of us willing to listen and talk, take time with compassion to grow, we will sit in peace soon.

If I wish you to listen, I must listen. If I wish you to be compassionate, I must be compassionate. If I wish you to open your mind, I must open my mind.

Be who you want others to be.

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