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Read and Refine

I would like to say I have a style of writing or a certain way in which I talk. Hopefully inspiring and enjoyable. Really, that’s up to you to decide.

For you to decide my validity and enjoyment has no concern for me though or at least it shouldn’t. If I write for you, my statement has no true depth. If I write for me then eventually what I speak will refine enough to become something of real meaning. May take some effort and composure as I continue.

I am open to communication and are easily convinced. In that I listen and choose to grow. Talk in person with those along my path. I enjoy my separation from online banter. Communication, not in person, may have place but has no deep effect on me like interaction I cherish in real life.

Keep reading if you like. I will do my best to keep refining my use of words to be as clear and insightful as I can be. I hope to have misspoken words here and there so I have something to go back on to read and refine both words and thoughts.

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