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Joesph W Liveries are professionally vectorized custom abstract designs. Original Artwork is by me, JoesphW, and then vectorized by me. Why is this important? I have been creating vectors and personally implementing large scale installations myself for 17 years now. I know what you need. I know how the image needs to be created and I know what I create can be accomplished. I want you to go past all the headache of the design and construction phase so you can take the artwork to a trusted local installer and just get it done.

I am analogue! Email me. Tell me which design you like. Each vector design is $250 CAD plus 5% GST. Additional design requests are billed out at $111 CAD per hour.

Each vector design allows you to make each color a specific vinyl choice. This allows you to utilize different gloss, satin, matt and other speciality vinyls for a very distinct display. Alternatively the whole design can be printed and applied in one sheet if you and your installer so choose. Being a vector design, resolution is not a concern and each aspect is easily changed in color for you to refine each design specific to your preference and car color.