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Benevolent resurrection

The earth is split, only now, by two human kinds. Humans that kill and humans that love. Both in odds with the other. No matter the side stories you hear, it’s purely a battle of Good and Evil. Today, a suppressed benevolence, blanketed a large portion of the dark cloud. Without media story. Without political strategy. With what no one ever saw coming. Need not name or describe that which brings Satan to submission. Released now is the hold on humanities compassion and progression. This 29th of June 2020.

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Speak Simple Stupid

Drop Sensationalization from your words.

For human kind to move forward, the fanatic is best to self realize what words and phrases they use carry a wide range of interpretation. In a world currently under multiple fabricated stories and histories, cultivated from intent, greed and belief, true benevolence lies in simple common communication. To talk without showmanship and generalization.

Speak simple stupid.


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Levels of Awareness

I don’t feel bad about the choices I’ve made. I made them under different levels of awareness and could only do the best I could at each level. That’s all we can do. Over the last year I’ve had a harder and harder time preparing jobs as I’ve become more aware how pertinent it is for every single person to set an example. Its required now for your generation and future generations to enjoy what I’ve had a privilege to enjoy with the feeling, up to recently, without consequence. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stress and worry myself. Just means I’ll enjoy my life within a better standard of respect for what really matters and “things” don’t matter. I still like “things” but I’ll work on the things I have. Rebuild and reuse. Be content with experiences over purchases. Provide services over products. Spend more time calming my mind to separate it’s programmed need for new products. Now, new innovation with purpose and/or quality for longevity is the exception though. Progress is important. The garbage that is commercialism these days is what is and will soon be labeled as an abomination. Outlawed and frowned upon.

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continuing the talk

I do. I find myself wondering the validity in what I do, what I produce and its impact on my life, others lives, other creatures on this earth and the earth itself.

So here’s another try for me. A statement of direction through parody. Criticism of an industry by way of direct recourse for the human condition. What the hell am I talking about? I’ve simply taken popular industry logos of items that are contributing to either health decay, addictive conditions, metabolic disease, animal agriculture, climate change and so many other related issues and changed them to indicate the simple foods that cure them. Foods that are unrefined or as little refined as possible. Foods of the plant based variety. Foods proven to create a healthy body and mind. Foods that don’t contribute to climate change, animal cruelty and waisted resources.

We all see different items at separate times in our lives that mean something to us. Three big things for me, things I’m working to change my ways for the better are my health, animal compassion and climate change. In other words, myself, my home and my neighbours. Not everything changed for me over night. Not everything is completely changed as of yet. I’m changing what I can and moving toward changing the rest. being aware of my progress and aware of what is yet to come. Along the way I share what I’m doing, what I’ve learnt, and share how passionate I am about the things I feel are most important in our world.

my parody decals are one step along the way that helps me communicate what it is we can eat to save ourselves, the animals on this earth and the earth itself. The ultimate trifecta of compassion comes from a whole food plant based diet. A diet proven to be the most effective for the human body. It also eliminates animal agriculture. A disgusting system of torture, abuse and killing for no reason. Animal agriculture is also one of the major players in climate change and the spiral capitalism has sent it into.

Parody decals are just a starting point here at Dublu so please continue to follow my journey.

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whole food?

Wikipedia defines whole food as

Whole foods are plant foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed. Examples of whole foods include whole grains, tubers, legumes, fruits, vegetables.

Now this cures so much but the mass public is unaware and still believes this concept is “hippy” or “radical”.

What does it cure?

Disease, pain, nature, climate change, mental disorder, etc. Infact I believe we can link the lack of a whole food lifestyle to almost all problems in human life today. Each item has a story and a link to a whole food lifestyle practice.

How does one find out? Who do you listen to? How do you know if who your listening to is telling the truth?

My recommendation is to first start listening. That’s it. Stop Talking. The truth is being spoken. It will find you. Just Listen.

Not enough? Maybe your ready for the next step. Actually compare opinions on diet and peal back the lies yourself. Its all there and your clever. More clever then they are.

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gaining ground

I was asked when thinking about a new project – “can you make sure its something you’ll follow through with before you agree to proceed?” My response – “do you know me at all?” now my wonderful significant other does know me but I had not really thought about how I proceed with my thoughts till this moment.

 I have thousands of ideas and concepts go through my mind on a weekly basis. Hundreds peak my interest and a few entice me to move on them. What I see in my head, all have hurtles infront of them. Materials, availability, cost, environment impact, practicality and on and on. They vary depending on the idea. What really cuts the hurtles down is trying! For me thats just how I move forward. I move on so many ideas and lots of them do fall short. Even after an extensive amount of resources and time were put forward. Sometimes when I move away from something I’ve invested myself into, I do get a little sad but the reality is I try. I try a lot. the ones that work, make the rest worth while. Mainly, no venture comes without a new procedure, information, awareness or methods useful for something else currently under go or a future venture. 

So – “do you know me at all?” I “really” can have an idea of the projects success but only to a certain degree… and for me, I just have to jump and see. The rest of you can calculate your projects all you like. In the mean time I’m gaining ground. May not know for what or when but gaining ground non the less.

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the line

In business there’s a line. It’s very fine and people say their on one side when they really sit on the other. 

My level of detail and ability to hold patience is a gift from my parents. Depending how you look at it, it may or may not be a positive trait. Too far in perfection, a business finds itself looking closer to closed doors. Too lacking in detail and consumers may not walk through your door. 

We view quality through our own eyes and too often forget to see what the consumer requires. A person of detail can easily loose ones self in thinking they require more when in fact the consumer can’t see or appreciate the difference. In this case the added effort, lands unappreciated and waists time and resources. 

One side of the line is equally as important as the other, where in no attention to detail neglects a consumers requirement and no matter the sales ploys, eventually ends the company. 

Personally I’ve found controlling what I do and how I do it, eases the need to either perfect or fall on sloppy production. Simply, it’s finding what I enjoy. Adapting it where needed but not focussing too much on what I “really” expect nor what produces the most money.

Keeping myself from falling too much in perfection or too much in greed. There in, you find the balance. 

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looking for a win through words

I’ve been writing quite a bit since I focused on a whole food, plant based lifestyle. I started transforming my diet much earlier then the removal of meat, dairy, eggs and oil but the writing didn’t come about till my freedom of disease and pain became glaringly apparent. To most I’d imagine my statement of freedom seems ridiculous and I can relate. It’s interesting how realization often doesn’t happen till you’re personally exposed to change. Until this point, a feeling of norm seems to be our minds state. 

Once I dropped meat, dairy and eggs, I began an unbelievable transformation in health. So unbelievable, my excitement was consuming and I felt it important to enlighten all those around me. Despite trying to demonstrate to people and not just spouting off at the mouth, this transformation was too obscure for people to grasp. I was met with disbelief, anger and criticism. I watched those I love around me full of disease, pain and in mental disarray. They had though, been taught to believe this was just the way of life and the decay of their body was attributed to aging. With the resistance I received I needed to keep my focus and the energy I put out seemed better spent on my transformation.

The health transformation was almost instant and it continued. As hard as the change was at times, becoming more “alive” became my addiction. There’s no quick transformation in the search of a clear direction. Especially when all the true information is deep down in our culture, in our reading and displaced by greed and capitalism. Once you get used to how to see the truth and how to ignore the propaganda that is killing us, there is an enlightenment to the search.

To give up on popular culture and all I grew up with definitely took its toll on me. Change is all around us but we resist it, almost as if we think we have the power to keep things the same. We don’t. Never have and never will. It’s evident the efforts, to resit changing to a whole food plant passed diet has a huge element of “addiction” attached to it. Hidden in the foods, we’re accustomed and tricked into adoring what we were eating. Only when we find ourselves in a state of addiction do we embrace resistance. A sad position to find our selves in.

And so the writings are my best balance of inner growth, outward exposure and reduced face to face conflict. 

Here in my words I really hope for a win. The win being another helping hand in people regaining control of their most important asset. Their health.

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the not so distant project

I’m like a lot of you, I’d presume. Find a project that speaks volumes and move quickly to procure what’s needed for it… except time. Then the wait grows and reasons ensue as to why it doesn’t start. One thing we can all agree is, when the project starts, its on! So best not start till “time” can be allotted.

Unfortunately, what we all just agreed on, is horse shit! Like having children. You’ll never be ready. Just try the best you can and when it happens, dive in. If its meant to be, it’ll all work out. Now, I don’t have children so maybe I shouldn’t be using this analogy but enough people around me speak to this statement. Back to the point, if you don’t “just get started” you land yourself some lawn art.

My 1984 Heritage special was passed over to me from my father as I asked him for a project. Personally I wanted one that had a tie to my Father and my relationship. May Father rides and I never did. I’m sure he feels, like me, that it would be nice to ride together but there was never any pressure to do so. When I was younger I remember my father taking me for a ride on this bike, stopping in a parking lot and while he took some z’s on the grass boulevard, let me ride around the lot to get a feel. Never went past this for me but It meant a lot and one day the thought of this bike came in my head and I acted on it.

Well, a few years later it still sits under tarp, in my yard. Now I guess I can say its because I don’t have a garage but thats kinda weak considering I don’t have a problem dropping a transmission or removing an engine in my driveway. So…. its one of those things. I never tire of it or feel depressed at the thought of it. It makes me smile just having it sit there. I’ll get to this one, unlike those I walk away from that have no meaning. This ones still though, for another day.

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focus eh

Here, just now, I deleted a couple paragraphs of what could have been some really nice information pertaining to wrapping vehicles. My focus isn’t there though, so lets dive deeper. A colour change of a vehicle is a craft. Kinda a boring one at that. Three days of teardown, clean, prep and wrap, tuck and trim then resemble. Something beautiful arrises but my mind feels its lost time. I guess as far as my mind is concerned, I require depth, creativity in expression and the risk of failure. If I fail at a colour change its due to the material, environment or vehicle condition. Something obviously repairable at the time. When I talk “failure”… true failure to me is pushing whats possibly creative in my mind with the chance my vision could fall flat in execution. Its happened. people don’t see it, so thats a good thing I guess. I’m my judge, so… happy I still provide to the public what they want but – I know – if I nailed it or missed it.

Creative in vinyl can be loud but it can also be very detailed and subtle. Layered vinyl. Patterns underneath a wrap. Gloss on matt and throw in some satin. Theres some great variety these days in automotive vinyls and making them dance together in a calm design or blatant display can be soooo satisfying. Obviously, like anything, we find each project dictated by not only the vision, products and canvas, but as well by the people in play on the project. The client, suppliers and helpers. Often times, grander is cut short through the process and unfortunately even at the beginning. By budget, contrasting vision, lack of trust, materials… but every project still holds a glimmer of amazement. When I see it, I grab it and save it. Hold onto it to swirl into a future design.

focus eh. I feel I’m on two ends of the word. Completely obscure, grasping at everything all the while in the moment taking what seems like eternity on the littlest detail. I’ve been all over the board finding satisfaction in any sort of mixed media. handling the finest detail is in my bag of tricks but replicating it over and over, day in and day out is not. So wheres my focus? Seriously, I am asking this right now. I talk above, about my interpretation of the satisfaction I gain in the automotive vinyl world but thats just juggling around the details to keep interest. I have multiple different personal projects, equipment and materials in a variety of genres slowly growing around me. I’m waiting to be spoken to. Am I too wound trying to find direction, that I’ve let slip the perfect path for me?

So, again I say, focus eh. No this isn’t some big lead up to me being Canadian. This is literally me talking it out to see if I can pull something from my words or spur on a new thought taking me closer in the direction I wish to find myself following. So I did mention the hinderance of people in the process and I do know I desire more personal art projects. Within paying the bills I don’t really keep on them and they sit there staring at me. The blank canvas, the full blocks of wood, uncarved wax, design sketches and an array of different materials sitting on the shelf. I know I’m answering my question so why do I find myself still talking about it instead of really putting my mind to work on these projects? I want to blame family, friends, work requirements, weather, home maintenance, pets, relationships, vehicle maintenance, health, exercise… stop… because I’m just saying life is getting in the way.

Lets see if I can answer this? Can I turn my creative projects into my life? I am a very practical and methodical individual and need definition to what I do. Funny I just said that as I have recently been exploring the open belief principal in all aspects of my life. Hmmmm. To not hold serious definition to anything and be open to growth, understanding and expression. Definitives are limiting. They instigate aggression, greed and control. Thats the thought wondering around up there. Up there, as in my mind. In case you were wondering.

So… I want to drop definition to find enlightenment. I want satisfaction to be found within daily routine that mixes with expression and not hindered by people, monetary requirement and production.

I’ve got it! Artist in a box on the street corner! Damn, I’m gunna have to work on a hybrid idea as I’m sure my wonderful, beautiful wife would prefer to come home to me then visit me on the corner. Well, as I’m trying not to define things these days, I’ll leave this open as the conversation may work itself out in my mind over time.