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Automotive Obsession

My father jumpstarted my obsession with the automotive industry. Its not the only thing I loose my mind over but definitely one of the top contenders. All of us enthusiasts are looking for our feelings. Thats my opinion. I think its good for us too. For some reason or another we may not express ourselves very well to other people and when we dive into the different aspects of our vehicles we find a multitude of ways of expressing ourselves. The only issue is that it is a language not many understand and it doesn’t really translate into social situations outside the industry. A special breed, we are and diverse – not to be defined in general terms. Want to know us more? take the time to see us through our creations.

My old 1991 Volkswagen 16V GTX with factory Recaro interior
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Why Dublu?

In the beginning I was sure I would produce various products and provide an array of services. With this I felt more inclined to provide a more obscure and interesting name. Proud of my middle name. My grandfathers name. A name that holds the letter W for an initial. Expanded Phonetically to Dublu. Better then pigeonholing myself to “Joes Signs” or something similar there to. Conceived in 2003 and incorporated in 2006 in Calgary, Canada. Around 2008 an individual in Australia decided to use my name. Even used my exact first logo text and added a period to the end of it. In the beginning I first felt sad and troubled. Later I took it as a form of flattery. We all are but a reflection of everyone else.