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enthusiast by location

We view an enthusiasts product without really knowing where they are. The location where they build makes a huge difference, in my mind, to the depth of their abilities.

Ok, look at it this way; your radiator blows up and needs replacement. Your capable and can repair it yourself so you order the parts, jack the car up and make the repairs. Easy. Easy for the auto enthusiast. The Auto enthusiast that plays on the wrench side of things. Well… maybe theres a couple more variables in that repair. Say you live in an apartment building and park on the city street. Your three ton jack which you bought when you lived somewhere more “garage facilitating”, is stored in your closet on the second floor of a building that has no elevator. The street is on the other side of the parking lot. The time of year is January and there is snow on the ground and the average temperature at that time is minus 10 degrees Celsius. Plastic parts are cold and brittle. the concrete is jarring to the muscles. The wind intermittently travels past your neck. I think thats enough a picture. What I’m getting at here is the environment tells much more a story then the product outcome.

An auto enthusiast of the wrench variety preservers. Especially with the crowd I grew up with. Guys and girls passionate within limited means. Ok, poor as fuck but not without a roof over our heads or ample ambition. Non of us felt sorry for ourselves or looked at us as ever being lesser. We worked hard and not necessarily doing what we wanted to but doing what we needed to. With all this and long winter seasons, cheap tool sets and cars forever breaking down we persevered. Not only did we persevere but I saw some amassing cars born in our environment. Not only created, built, crafted, but then had to endure hard winter after winter with salt and rocks. Bad roads… oh shit! the roads. Its said over and over, so these are not my words, but if your drunk you drive strait. If your sober you weave down our roads due to the pot holes, cracks and literally chunks out of the pavement.

These are the enthusiasts! Now I’m not at all talking down about builds from guys and girls who live where their cars are not ever under attack by the roads and weather but I hold my glass up high to those who build in the conditions here. Calgary Alberta, Canada. You know who you are. The low riders, polished cruisers, machined and built powerhouses. The daily drivers who’s cars were their projects. Your perseverance, dedication and insanity never went unnoticed and as I look around social media today, your cars come up time and time again as serious contenders in Canada, North America, And the world.

I’m seriously proud to have wrenched on the same cold concrete you did.

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of the very few

My endocrinologist reached out to shake my hand a few days ago.

I had Cancer. Thyroid Cancer. Removed both sides. Surgery. Radiation treatment. Fun times.

Started seeing my endocrinologist 8 years ago. Its a ten year relationship I was told. This to monitor my treatment result and any possible reoccurrence. Along the way I found the prevention and the ability for full reversal and more. Drug and treatment free. Too bad it was after the fact. What this did for me though was two fold. Lost absolutely all respect for the health care system and their delusional collaboration with big food and animal agriculture. Secondly, got unbelievably healthy, vibrant and angry.

He shook my hand and said your one of the very few. He implied to getting my health in check. He let me know I lost 30 kg’s since I started seeing him and maintained the result steady over the last two years. For those not working the conversion in their head, thats 66 pounds. Obtained through diet and no added exercise. when I say diet, I mean food. I’ll expand someday.

Its not the weight though, its my health and the weight is a byproduct. I’m stopping here for now. I’ll discuss more as we go along. Its too hard for people to understand and the talk has evoked pain, anger and separation of multiple personal relations.

I am healthy due to a whole food plant based diet. This according to me and my doctors. Although they only see the results and disappearance of all ailments, with no discussion about the plant based aspect. Dead pan faces when plant based comes up. They are just on my roster now and not active in my annual maintenence. According to the average North American, I am a disgrace, delusional, unhealthy and a pompous elitist. Those that are kinder in their words only refer to me as making a personal choice.

To be continued

Graphic Artwork – Me – Joseph Denny – A commentary of the relation of an industry and its direct correlation to disease and manufactured “help” – when if both eliminated, neither exist.

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behind the vehicle

What really helps drive me to obtain a higher level of output when it comes to many of my projects, are the people behind it. I have the privilege to place finishing touches on a variety of builds. Being the final ingredient on great in-depth projects with either some graphics, sharp details or a full body vinyl car wrap. I start really seeing these individuals in the creation of their projects. At that point you find who that person is. That is, if you pay attention. Their passion and direction presents itself clearly. Their creative attitude and abilities come out to not only show what the vehicle will be but how its an extension of who they are.

Shane, pictured here, is such a technical artist. His personal abilities mixed with utilization of who and whats around him shows real genius. In this case the project became Shane. Starting from his early Volkswagen Jetta build and transpiring into a couple photo shoots and a write up. The story was larger and included the cars builder. Photo by Matthew Vieweger.

This happens quite often and the people that bring me in to help with their project end up being the focus. Its a beautiful thing when occasionally you look just past the car to whats right there behind it.

Shane Schinkel, Volkswagen Jetta Mk1 Custom Build
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Last week I bought my 35th vehicle. Registered, running and insured. It’s joked, my driveway at times looks like a used car lot. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Theres two reasons in my head for the mass amount of vehicles I’ve purchased and let go over the years. Currency would be one. The fluctuation up and down of my financial position sometimes calls for a car to be sold to facilitate more important things. Things like the ones I love and the direction I’m heading. I never buy a car to sell it though. Its true. I look at them all as something with wonder and intrigue, requiring exploration and attention. That brings me to my other reason. I love them all! Yes, there are so many wonderful cars. New, old, custom, factory, pristine or well used. One of my favourites was Wilmer. A 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon upgraded to a 2.1 ltr engine with a 4 speed manual transmission. My Grandfather owned a Vanagon and his name just fit right as to honour a man I wish I knew better. A man so many admired. Theres nothing that drives like the Vanagon and the versatility of the interior dimensions. Wilmer was actually one vehicle that stayed by my side the longest. Why did it leave? It gets complicated as they all do so I’ll just remember why I chose to buy it in the first place. Fly out to Vancouver and drive it back to Alberta. The Vanagon did get placed on my list of vehicles I would own again. Thank you Volkswagen. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

1984 Volkswagen Vanagon 2.1 ltr 4speed manual
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Automotive Obsession

My father jumpstarted my obsession with the automotive industry. Its not the only thing I loose my mind over but definitely one of the top contenders. All of us enthusiasts are looking for our feelings. Thats my opinion. I think its good for us too. For some reason or another we may not express ourselves very well to other people. When we dive into the different aspects of our vehicles we find the multitude of ways we wish we could express ourselves socially. The only issue is that it is a language not many understand and it doesn’t really translate into the social situations we wish it did. A special breed, we are and diverse – not to be defined in general terms. Want to know us more? take the time to see us through our creations.

My old 1991 Volkswagen 16V GTX with factory Recaro interior
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why dublu?

In the beginning I was sure I would produce various products and provide an array of services. With this I felt more inclined to provide a more obscure and interesting name. Proud of my middle name. My grandfathers name. A name that holds the letter W for an initial. Expanded Phonetically to Dublu. Better then pigeonholing myself to “Joes Signs” or something similar there to. Conceived in 2003 and incorporated in 2006 in Calgary, Canada.