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continuing the talk

I do. I find myself wondering the validity in what I do, what I produce and its impact on my life, others lives, other creatures on this earth and the earth itself.

So here’s another try for me. A statement of direction through parody. Criticism of an industry by way of direct recourse for the human condition. What the hell am I talking about? I’ve simply taken popular industry logos of items that are contributing to either health decay, addictive conditions, metabolic disease, animal agriculture, climate change and so many other related issues and changed them to indicate the simple foods that cure them. Foods that are unrefined or as little refined as possible. Foods of the plant based variety. Foods proven to create a healthy body and mind. Foods that don’t contribute to climate change, animal cruelty and waisted resources.

We all see different items at separate times in our lives that mean something to us. Three big things for me, things I’m working to change my ways for the better are my health, animal compassion and climate change. In other words, myself, my home and my neighbours. Not everything changed for me over night. Not everything is completely changed as of yet. I’m changing what I can and moving toward changing the rest. being aware of my progress and aware of what is yet to come. Along the way I share what I’m doing, what I’ve learnt, and share how passionate I am about the things I feel are most important in our world.

my parody decals are one step along the way that helps me communicate what it is we can eat to save ourselves, the animals on this earth and the earth itself. The ultimate trifecta of compassion comes from a whole food plant based diet. A diet proven to be the most effective for the human body. It also eliminates animal agriculture. A disgusting system of torture, abuse and killing for no reason. Animal agriculture is also one of the major players in climate change and the spiral capitalism has sent it into.

Parody decals are just a starting point here at Dublu so please continue to follow my journey.

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whole food?

Wikipedia defines whole food as

Whole foods are plant foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed. Examples of whole foods include whole grains, tubers, legumes, fruits, vegetables.

Now this cures so much but the mass public is unaware and still believes this concept is “hippy” or “radical”.

What does it cure?

Disease, pain, nature, climate change, mental disorder, etc. Infact I believe we can link the lack of a whole food lifestyle to almost all problems in human life today. Each item has a story and a link to a whole food lifestyle practice.

How does one find out? Who do you listen to? How do you know if who your listening to is telling the truth?

My recommendation is to first start listening. That’s it. Stop Talking. The truth is being spoken. It will find you. Just Listen.

Not enough? Maybe your ready for the next step. Actually compare opinions on diet and peal back the lies yourself. Its all there and your clever. More clever then they are.

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looking for a win through words

I’ve been writing quite a bit since I focused on a whole food, plant based lifestyle. I started transforming my diet much earlier then the removal of meat, dairy, eggs and oil but the writing didn’t come about till my freedom of disease and pain became glaringly apparent. To most I’d imagine my statement of freedom seems ridiculous and I can relate. It’s interesting how realization often doesn’t happen till you’re personally exposed to change. Until this point, a feeling of norm seems to be our minds state. 

Once I dropped meat, dairy and eggs, I began an unbelievable transformation in health. So unbelievable, my excitement was consuming and I felt it important to enlighten all those around me. Despite trying to demonstrate to people and not just spouting off at the mouth, this transformation was too obscure for people to grasp. I was met with disbelief, anger and criticism. I watched those I love around me full of disease, pain and in mental disarray. They had though, been taught to believe this was just the way of life and the decay of their body was attributed to aging. With the resistance I received I needed to keep my focus and the energy I put out seemed better spent on my transformation.

The health transformation was almost instant and it continued. As hard as the change was at times, becoming more “alive” became my addiction. There’s no quick transformation in the search of a clear direction. Especially when all the true information is deep down in our culture, in our reading and displaced by greed and capitalism. Once you get used to how to see the truth and how to ignore the propaganda that is killing us, there is an enlightenment to the search.

To give up on popular culture and all I grew up with definitely took its toll on me. Change is all around us but we resist it, almost as if we think we have the power to keep things the same. We don’t. Never have and never will. It’s evident the efforts, to resit changing to a whole food plant passed diet has a huge element of “addiction” attached to it. Hidden in the foods, we’re accustomed and tricked into adoring what we were eating. Only when we find ourselves in a state of addiction do we embrace resistance. A sad position to find our selves in.

And so the writings are my best balance of inner growth, outward exposure and reduced face to face conflict. 

Here in my words I really hope for a win. The win being another helping hand in people regaining control of their most important asset. Their health.

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the roux

Projects that I start – that I finish – that I quit – that fizzles – that excites. I feel like everything these days, probably… just like the rest of you, eludes me to what will peak my interest – keep my interest – or loose my interest. Or so I used to believe.

Wether you believe it or not, I’m much more focussed since my dietary change to Whole Food – Plant Based. I’m precise yet calm. Although, I felt I was before. The thing is, when your state becomes your norm, you think your normal. It’s quite clear we find ruts that become perceived as the way things are. A complete misinterpretation due to our minds and bodies inundated with poison still to this day believed to be acceptable. Or at least touted through media and popular culture, medicine, and animal agriculture propaganda as fuel we require.

I’m left making sense of all the different avenues I travelled down. Not really wanting to leave any of them in the past. I find myself juggling them all equally as I bring them further to completion. They all lead into each other and to bigger stories, so I feel I kinda have to.

What about the ones I quite and can’t pick back up? Some great projects I dove right into and made some pretty sweet advancements. Projects that are no longer in my possession or no longer in existence. A beautiful 1984 VW GTi for example. Definitely a project car. One I imersed myself in. Designed a clean Recaro seat and had stitched up. A completely custom mk1 bezel chop and amalgamation of a VR cluster to accommodate the VR6 under the hood. Body work. Wrap and period specific graphics. Slimmed aluminum Bumpers and so on. With so much into it I decided to stop, sell and move on. How about another example. Jumped into upholstery. Head first with a tough mk6 GTI Recaro seat recover. Did the drivers seat twice just to get it right. Sold the car. Didn’t proceed.

Here in my writing might be the answer. I’ve heard said, “In art theres craft and in craft theres art. The craftsman looks for perfection and the artist pushes expression.” I’ve spent my time as an “adult”?! becoming part of the working world making things that please people. My mind really turns from instinct and creation. Pay the bills or free my mind though? Taught to pay the bills so guess we know how most months end.

I Couldn’t see this before. I Couldn’t see a lot before. Before Whole Food – Plant Based. So lets bring this jump around story together. I need to be able to be expressionistic. Yet, in the past, doing this through more crafts and skills was something that fell short for me because perfection was and is required. A contrast to what really satisfies me even though meticulous detail is something I have the patience for. I couldn’t see this as I was battling my body and my mind through every adventure. Now I’m positive about who I am. Healthier then I ever thought someone could be. Pulling all my current adventures into a pot. Sampling each one equally to find a balance to the roux. Keeping time to express myself. Providing enough craft for survival. Above all, not concerning myself too much with anything, as to refrain from loosing composure.

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powerful weapon

The effects from sugar are immense. For me it was two stage. Before dealing with the “real issue” in my diet, sugar was a problem not only on the refined side but on the natural front as well. The migraines I would get from having sugar had spread from the refined sugars to eating fruits, dates, breads, pastas and so many more simple and moderately complex foods. I’ve always had a sweet tooth so this was tragic for me.

Knocking out refined sugars and process foods stepped my health up substantially but there was still a problem and I was forever walking a tightrope. One wrong shift in any direction and I’d topple. The day I decided to give up meat and eggs, as completely absurd as it seemed, was the day I found the main problem. Also important to know years earlier I had removed dairy out of my diet from a “migraine like” allergy reaction. Quite quickly, the changes came in though. All from the drop of meat and eggs. Ailments started dropping off just under the two week mark and in a month I was a new person. It didn’t stop. The changes continued for the better and every day was inspirational with the differences. Sugar problems disappeared. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t eat processed foods or refined commercial sugars past some agave syrup. Getting hurt by big sugar is a thing of the past. The main feat was getting past my problems with natural sugars, fruits, and wholesome grains. A problem I should never have had.

Addiction and sugar. Industry and sugar. Mental illness and sugar. So much hurt. Its all around me with family and friends. I’m glad I’m out and shame on big sugar. Your hold on me was too long and too destructive.

The graphic creation here, is in reaction to my displease with the transformation of sugars hold on humanity, and its greed and domination of our food system. Once a symbol of power, eventually filtered down to the destruction of the poor and working class. All encompassed by addiction, its most powerful weapon against us.

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of the very few

My endocrinologist reached out to shake my hand a few days ago.

I had Cancer. Thyroid Cancer. Removed both sides. Surgery. Radiation treatment. Fun times.

Started seeing my endocrinologist 8 years ago. Its a ten year relationship I was told. This to monitor my treatment result and any possible reoccurrence. Along the way I found the prevention and the ability for full reversal and more. Drug and treatment free. Too bad it was after the fact. What this did for me though was two fold. Lost absolutely all respect for the health care system and their delusional collaboration with big food and animal agriculture. Secondly, got unbelievably healthy, vibrant and angry.

He shook my hand and said your one of the very few. He implied to getting my health in check. He let me know I lost 30 kg’s since I started seeing him and maintained the result steady over the last two years. For those not working the conversion in their head, thats 66 pounds. Obtained through diet and no added exercise. when I say diet, I mean food. I’ll expand someday.

Its not the weight though, its my health and the weight is a byproduct. I’m stopping here for now. I’ll discuss more as we go along. Its too hard for people to understand and the talk has evoked pain, anger and separation of multiple personal relations.

I am healthy due to a whole food plant based diet. This according to me and my doctors. Although they only see the results and disappearance of all ailments, with no discussion about the plant based aspect. Dead pan faces when plant based comes up. They are just on my roster now and not active in my annual maintenence. According to the average North American, I am a disgrace, delusional, unhealthy and a pompous elitist. Those that are kinder in their words only refer to me as making a personal choice.

To be continued

Graphic Artwork – Me – Joseph Denny – A commentary of the relation of an industry and its direct correlation to disease and manufactured “help” – when if both eliminated, neither exist.