Distinct Branding

Utilizing an effective brand and placing it on your current Rolling asset(s) to increase your exposure

You have vehicles, in operation, that give you exposure. They are not a fleeting ad placed in a publication for an exorbitant amount of financial resources. They are on the road every day. They sit infront of your establishment. They arrive at your customers door. They are seen traveling through various communities and commercial areas. Lets get the brand out clearly, cost effectively and with quality and in a way that works with the lines of your vehicle. Lastly in a graphic manner that will not confuse your consumer.

Asses your current logo to create an effective brand

Is it legible? Is it direct? Do you have a statement, short and concise, that sets you apart or even creates your own category? One of the biggest mistakes when branding is utilizing your brand without assessing its value to the consumer and intern your exposure. Changing your brand at a later date becomes costly and confusing to your public.

Simple design rules work

Things like the proportions of your logo make a difference in not only versatility but view ability in a manner your customer will understand. Utilizing readable fonts, over “graphically stimulating” fonts, keep your logo readable and intern memorable. Objects in your logo are subservient to your name as they hold no value on their own. These objects should not dominate your logo. Contrast is key to clear distant viewing of your brand.

Avoid generic names and utilize key words to reinforce your brands intent

Different, short and visual words work wonders especially when backed up with short tag phrases that set you apart in your own category and clearly relay who you are. We must fight the urge to be general in the Name as to not let the consumer hear your name as a regular “word”. Your tag line can specify your intent but your Name should be different, visually and verbally stimulating. Word of mouth is powerful and people need to hear a company name not just basic words. This ensures you are talked about, instead of fading into the background. Surprising how your name and Logo is the kickstart to your publicity.