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Sharing has been reserved when I’m at -business-. The business -is- me though and now my -life- becomes who I am. I’m choosing to let it reflect me and not the other way around. As I learn to talk more regularly, I’ll see about incorporating other media past the words. In this -now-, I’m building momentum just with some writing. Read along if you feel. Experience my, on the fly, editing and correcting.

To jump back a bit, how about we start calling, what we do, -life-, and scrap this usage of -business- interpreted as important. It embodies everything we strive -not- to have in gaining happiness.

I’m talking about food, health, philosophy*?!, enlightenment, truth, inner-standing, freedom, the balance of hippy love with street, born and run, city living.

If interested in food or rather what I consume, look for my “ What We Ate Today”, posts. I decided to do these more regularly. I’m, quite often asked for recipes and examples. We continually adapt to the healing component which has removed so many items that recipes end up to the wayside. Now, more just groupings of items at different moments of the day. Finalized with herbs and familiar methods of assembly. Smelling, tasting and just combining for the most part. No real need to be talented to feed your self actual items that -are- made for you. I’ll talk about transition foods and cheats. I’ll talk about food we don’t eat anymore but were a good aid in the journey. Also items that when we do have things side track us, allow us to fall with a knowledge of what our softest relapses can be.

My awareness with the world comes out in my personal words and now my words in parallel with Dublu. How cool is it, that I’m letting you know who I am. As much as you want to read.