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1:10 RC Drift Project

Through High school I had a neighbour who introduced me to Remote Control Car building. I was captured by the build of the kits and the artistic expression in the body painting. As far as the actual drive of the cars, there was no great pull to me. It fell away with time and after a 4 year play with them I only occasionally looked back but quickly dismissed entering into these builds.

I’m back in and I owe it all to some local guys and drifting. The perfect trifecta for me. The Build. The Body. The Drift. I now get to dive into the technical aspect of the build. The creative freedom of the bodies. And now the technical challenge of drifting the cars. It’s so challenging, you can’t just jump into one and get moving.

Starting with all wheel drive HPI drift cars, I got together with some local guys drifting in warehouses and garages. Fast paced and technical, this really made paying with toys more then what that statement sounds like.

Now running with rear wheel drive Sakura cars the build and drive is substantially more technical and so are my ambitions. Procuring equipment and learning techniques, I’ve entered into making my own stamp on providing bodies, parts and decal packages. This has been a long process and more time still before you see the results of my endeavours with the 1:10 drift products. Vacuforming, casting, printing, designing. I’m in no rush either as the development is more fulfilling then the final product. Don’t worry. It wont be long though as the bodies, parts and decals require finalization before my next ambitious step.

Pictured here is my first AWD 1:10 HPI drift car. Things have come a long way since then.