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behind the vehicle

What really helps drive me to obtain a higher level of output when it comes to many of my projects, are the people behind it. I have the privilege to place finishing touches on a variety of builds. Being the final ingredient on great in-depth projects with either some graphics, sharp details or a full body vinyl car wrap. I start really seeing these individuals in the creation of their projects. At that point you find who that person is. That is, if you pay attention. Their passion and direction presents itself clearly. Their creative attitude and abilities come out to not only show what the vehicle will be but how its an extension of who they are.

Shane, pictured here, is such a technical artist. His personal abilities mixed with utilization of who and whats around him shows real genius. In this case the project became Shane. Starting from his early Volkswagen Jetta build and transpiring into a couple photo shoots and a write up. The story was larger and included the cars builder. Photo by Matthew Vieweger.

This happens quite often and the people that bring me in to help with their project end up being the focus. Its a beautiful thing when occasionally you look just past the car to whats right there behind it.

Shane Schinkel, Volkswagen Jetta Mk1 Custom Build
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Last week I bought my 35th vehicle. Registered, running and insured. It’s joked, my driveway at times looks like a used car lot. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Theres two reasons in my head for the mass amount of vehicles I’ve purchased and let go over the years. Currency would be one. The fluctuation up and down of my financial position sometimes calls for a car to be sold to facilitate more important things. Things like the ones I love and the direction I’m heading. I never buy a car to sell it though. Its true. I look at them all as something with wonder and intrigue, requiring exploration and attention. That brings me to my other reason. I love them all! Yes, there are so many wonderful cars. New, old, custom, factory, pristine or well used. One of my favourites was Wilmer. A 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon upgraded to a 2.1 ltr engine with a 4 speed manual transmission. My Grandfather owned a Vanagon and his name just fit right as to honour a man I wish I knew better. A man so many admired. Theres nothing that drives like the Vanagon and the versatility of the interior dimensions. Wilmer was actually one vehicle that stayed by my side the longest. Why did it leave? It gets complicated as they all do so I’ll just remember why I chose to buy it in the first place. Fly out to Vancouver and drive it back to Alberta. The Vanagon did get placed on my list of vehicles I would own again. Thank you Volkswagen. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

1984 Volkswagen Vanagon 2.1 ltr 4speed manual
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Automotive Obsession

My father jumpstarted my obsession with the automotive industry. Its not the only thing I loose my mind over but definitely one of the top contenders. All of us enthusiasts are looking for our feelings. Thats my opinion. I think its good for us too. For some reason or another we may not express ourselves very well to other people. When we dive into the different aspects of our vehicles we find the multitude of ways we wish we could express ourselves socially. The only issue is that it is a language not many understand and it doesn’t really translate into the social situations we wish it did. A special breed, we are and diverse – not to be defined in general terms. Want to know us more? take the time to see us through our creations.

My old 1991 Volkswagen 16V GTX with factory Recaro interior